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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How Boring

Photo credit: Yasser Alghofily

I was sitting it church when it hit me.

I don't remember what could have triggered the thought. I don't remember what the pastor was saying at the time (it's OK, I still remember the message of the sermon!). I just remember it coming crashing down out of nowhere.

My goodness, how boring it would be to be a non-Christian!

See, pretty much the majority of my day, something it going around my head that God is using to teach me. Be it not yelling at my siblings, working hard, or fighting off a crush, God is consistently, persistently, teaching me something. Like, all the time. And even when I'm aware I've kinda got a 'breather' in between bigger lessons, there's always day-to-day principals to learn to follow. Not to mention talking to God often...

What do non-Christians do with no constant learning, training, connection? No wonder so many think they have nothing to live for! I wouldn't give up those for anything! To have boring, menial, futile thoughts all day every day instead of constantly growing, being moulded? No thank you! 

Thank You, God, for such an awesome, exciting journey! With You, life is never boring! To be under your loving instruction so often is a treasure greater than I can comprehend. May I help others come to know it too. 

Cassie xoxoxo

P.S. Please note I am not saying the non-Christians themselves are boring. But I think it's far more exciting to be a Christian!

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  1. I had never thought of that before... I mean, I know that non-Believers have no hope for life after death, and that aspect of life, but they have no lessons to learn, no ways to grow. It makes sharing the gospel all the more important! Thanks for making me think this morning!


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