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My Testimony

 I've grown up in a wonderful Christian home since I was born. I've been encouraged to read the Bible and pray since I was little and gone to church since before I can remember. I became a Christian at the age of three. However, I can't remember Jesus having much impact on me for a few years. Sure, I knew what sin was, and that Jesus died to take it away, and that I'd go to heaven, but I didn't try to truly live for Him. It wasn't until I was about ten that the practical, every-day side of being God's child became real for me. Let me tell you how it happened.
 For some people, if not most, having a crush is 'significant' while it lasts, but not at all important a few years down the track. That was not the case for me. My crush lasted two years (I was 8! when it started), and I say with regret that I was completely absorbed in it. My week centred around home group and church - not because I wanted to meet with other Christians and worship communally, but because I would get to see this certain guy. Anyone looking at me from the outside may notice that I went through a phase of wearing nearly every piece of jewellery I owned on Sundays. I spent a lot of time picking an outfit for church (a bad habit that I retained until only about a month ago) to make sure I impressed him, and daydreamed a lot. Unlike a lot of girls, I kept my crush very quiet. I only told three or four close friends, and most certainly not my parents! One of my friends whom I told became very concerned, but did not let on. She knew that it was a bad thing, that may lead to trouble. Finally, she told her mum, who told my mum. So mum tried discretely at first to warn me, talking with me about why guarding my heart was important etc. I started feeling bad, so I attempted to 'tone down' and wean myself of my crush. It didn't work. So a little while later, mum asked me directly. I distinctly remember the morning that my mum approached me on the subject. We went out together for breakfast, and while we were eating my mum leaned forward and told me that she had something to say, and that I needed to respond with all honesty and truth. After getting my promise, she simply asked, "Do you have a crush on so-and-so." I nodded sheepishly. Her first response was "why didn't you tell me before," but she took it well. Then came the talk (again) about guarding my heart, why crushes weren't such a good idea etc etc. This time it actually sunk in. I can fully say that I went from having a crush to being completely against them overnight. It was a major defining moment in my life.
 In the months and years that have followed, I've extended my belief against crushes, and also my beliefs of what God requires of us. I started this blog in October 2011 to encourage girls to be pure and follow God wholeheartedly. But none of it is really my doing - God's the one watering this seed. He's given me the wisdom and ideas I share on this blog.
 I've grown so much closer to God. He's showing me His will and His way of life. After my crush ended, God started to reveal to me areas where I needed to do a bit of learning (!). I will aways need working on, but I've come a long way, praise God.
 God has also let me not just know Him, but also experience Him in so many ways. I find Him when I seek Him (and often when I don't!). God is real to me as my Guide, Friend, Comforter, King, etc. He is near me. I could say more, but it would just be elaborating on these basics.

 When I thought about writing this testimony, I was slightly hindered by the thought ''I don't have a crazy, God's-rescued-me-from-the-'worst'-of-evils kind of testimony. Mine's kinda just plain." You know what I mean. But God brought me to realise that it isn't what I was saved from, but instead, the fact that I was saved! God has rescued and freed me from sin, I have new life! He has shown me grace and love that none can compare to! I'm saved, rescued, free, forgiven, new, loved! I've been given a crazy, radical, amazing gift! And that's the most important thing in every testimony!

Your Sister in Christ,


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