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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lessons, joys and more // Week 1

 Once a week I hope to start posting these little logs of the lessons God has taught me this week, and the joys (big and little) that He has given me. I know I find it encouraging when I see other bloggers sharing the blessings of the past week/month/whenever. They point me to the wonderfulness of Christ. So here's this week's.

Lessons and reminders:
 ~ The ultimate reason for marriage is because the two can serve Christ better together than apart. 
 ~ Service to Christ is the ultimate reason for being alive, and the only worthy pursuit in this world.
 ~ Today I am called to singleness. Never mind the future. Today it is my calling.
 ~ My happiness is the wrong motive for being pure. A response to Christ's sacrifice is the right             motive.
 ~ If I have to 'disconnect' from my relationship with Christ to do an activity (i.e. watch a movie, have     'me' time) it does not belong in my life.
 ~ Am I spending my time to glorify God? (Oh boy, this one is a constant trip-up for me. :/)

 ~ A grandfather who doesn't constantly writhe around from his Parkinson's disease (this is the result       of a wonderful operation).
 ~ Smelling a newly open packet of TimTams. (You guys living in countries devoid of TimTams are       sorely deprived.)
 ~ Work feeling like family for the first time.
 ~ Boys (a friend and a brother) fixing all my problems (or at least trying their best).
 ~ Encouraging, challenging, phone call with one of my best friends who I haven't caught up with in       too long.
 ~  Hilarious practice of a short play.
 ~ Absolutely, utterly gorgeous instrumental music (discovered Dustin O'Halloran!).
 ~ Siblings talking about Bach, and Beethoven, and Vivaldi.
 ~ Free Christmas album from one of my favourite bands! (Sleeping at Last.)
 ~ Getting into the Christmas spirit via carols (call me early, I don't care. Really, Christian Christmas     carols should be all-year-round, I think). 
 ~ Laughing over old scrapbooks with a dear friend.
 ~ Red cordial. 
 ~ Hidden Christian themes in "The Truman Show."
 ~ Free simulcasts from Leslie Ludy.

Why don't you leave a comment below with some things God has blessed you with or taught you this week? I'd love to hear them!

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. This made me smile. SO thankful for the miracle of your grandfather this week. x

  2. It gave me so much joy just reading this post Cassie. You are a real blessing. xo


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