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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lesson from a TV show

So, I was watching a Nickelodeon TV show on holidays... (yeh, that's a separate discussion :P). And two of the girls on the show fell for the same guy. And start arguing over who should date him. Yup.

And then they strike upon a solution: "Would it be so bad if we both went out with him?"

"Yeh, it's not like we're going to marry him!"

Woooaaahhh!!! Hang on a second! Stop right there! Pause! Rewind. Did you catch that? Let's recap:

"We're not planing on marrying the guy or anything, so why don't we both date him now?"

Or put in another way: "There's no long-term goal with dating, so we may as well BOTH do this thing that has no long term goal."

OK, question time: If there's no long term goal.... WHY ON EARTH DO YOU WANT TO DATE HIM?

Oh, oh, wait. Don't tell me. I get it. You want both want to indulge your temporary fancies. You want to give your feelings free rein, unleash them to gain instant gratification. Right now. With nothing else in mind. No intention of anything in the future, really. But that's OK. Because it's expected. Why not? And if you both want that, why can't you both have it? No harm done.


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