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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Attraction vs. Crushes

OK, here it is! My views on attraction vs. crushes! Thank so much guys for sharing! Made me think, for one! (
So, if any of you were slightly confused, I want to clear something up. In my pages and post, I speak out strongly against crushes. But I'd like to say that there is a distinction between crushes and attraction to someone (I think we all agreed that there was). I will elaborate, but first let me say that this is only how I deffine attraction/crushes. There are many other ways of thinking about the distinction. And I'm not trying to say that my views are necesarily correct! (I will state it as a definite, but you may think differently.) It's just my oppinion!
In a crush, you are consumed. You give away a piece of your heart, fantasize about 'him' - really, you idolise that person. Basically, your life somehow starts orientating around that person (he's the one you dress to please, he's the one you dream about etc, etc). And that is not good.

However, I have no problem with attraction, as long as it does not consume or control you (which equals a crush). If you are attracted to someone, you find them appealing. It's someting slightly more than 'normal.' For example, I have a totally 'normal' friendship with the boys in my street, but I still feel attracted to the guy I had a crush on (and other boys). Sure, I don't dress to please him anymore, but there's still something there that's different to 'normal.'
Attraction to a certain person is completely normal and natural. It's part of your nature. In fact, without attraction, it would be very hard to get married! (if and when you are ready, of course).

Cassie xoxoxo