**Most of this blog is for girls only! Any boys, please only read the posts linked to in the "For Boys" page on the sidebar. Thank you.**

For Boys

THESE POSTS ONLY ARE APPROPRIATE FOR BOYS! Please do not read anything else or follow any internal links, boys.  Thank you.

Why do I have this page? Well, the primary target audience of my blog is girls. Hence the pink background. :P While I invite guys to look at some of my posts (those on this page), I do not tailor my posts to be specifically for guys and girls. Because of this, I sometimes write things in my posts that I am happy for girls to know about me, but which I feel are too intimate for guys to know about me. When deciding if a post can go on this page, I ask myself one question: would I be comfortable for any the guys I know today to read this? 
I know I cannot control what random guys who may come across my blog via an internet search see. I know many of them would lack integrity, and read as much of my blog as they wish. And honestly, since I'll never see them in real life, I don't care. There are not many guys I know who know about this blog. And those of them that do, I know that they are men of integrity. Thus I know I can set some guidelines to what they see here, and trust them to respect that. To all the guys who know me reading this, thank you. I appreciate your integrity, and I'm very glad I can trust you. 

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