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Q and A - Purity etc

Here is a few questions I've come up with that I think teen girls would like to know the answers to. Please, please feel free to ask one in a comment and I will post it on this page. If you don't want me to post it on this page, let me know in the comment. It (the comment and the question) will not be published if you don't want it to be.

 Beauty Q and A

Q. "Can I colour my hair or get highlights in it?"
A. "I think that it's OK to get highlights, as it ENHANCES your hair. Streaks; well, if you mean blond highlights, that's fine, but if you mean the more conspicuous, full-on colouring, it's probably not so good. Again, though, colouring for something special (like stated in the post 'My Poem Thingies') is perfectly fine."

Q. "Can I curl or straighten my hair?"
A. "For straities, curling is fine for a special occasion or ever-now-and-again. For curly girls, BEWARE! Straightening WILL hurt your hair VERY badly (I highly recommend you read the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey). It may be OK if you only do it VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY occasionally, as long as you treat it well all the time otherwise. A change for a special occasion (for example, Mum straightened her curly hair for a relative's wedding) is fine."

Q. "Is it OK to wear makeup?"
A. "Yes, if it ENHANCES your face, not overpowers it. However, I think the concept of wearing make-up every day is silly. It's another thing to worry about, and you look pretty without it! It's fine for special occasions, though. One exception is if you have horrible acne - you might wish to wear foundation then. But if you're not troubled, fabulous!

 Purity Related Q and A

Q. "Any tips on modesty?"
A. "Yes!! When buying clothes, check that: Your shirt doesn't spill forward when you bend over; Your pant don't pull down to low (so you can see your crack) when you sit; Your clothes are not super-form-fitting and too tight (esp. in the thighs and upper chest); avoid bust-outlining tops or dresses (esp. if tight); avoid strappy tops or dresses that show your bra straps; avoid low-cut tops and dresses (they can show your cleavage); don't wear short shorts. On the whole, be aware as to what may show something you don't want seen or highlight it."

Q. "Are crushes fine to have?"
A. "Please read my page titled 'My thoughts specifically on crushes'."

Q. "Are guy friends OK to have?"
A. "Yes! Guy friends an extra dimension to life. But have caution: beware of your feelings; know if you are mature enough to keep pure; be quick to back off; don't spill your most intimate feelings and troubles with a casual male acquaintance; hang out mostly in public - groups or at least another person around can be a safeguard. If he asks you to go somewhere with him, as who else is going first up. If no-one, ask if you can invite someone; above all, though, is making sure he is GODLY! Best not to get into a deep friendship with a non-Christian, though they can be acquaintances.

Spiritual Related Q and A

Q. "I can't connect with God! My spiritual life is dry! What's the matter and what can I do to improve it?"
A. "If you can't seem to connect with God, then you're probably trying to fit the 'mold' of how others connect with God. The thing is, 'one size fits all' spirituality just doesn't work. You have a specific way you best connect with God - you only need to discover it. I very highly recommend reading "What's Your God Language" by  Dr. Myra Perrine. It explains in depth the nine ways people connect with God. I won't go into detail, but I'll just briefly explain them all. (All explanations are adapted from the book. They are not really mine)
  • Activist - Loving God by Confrontation with Evil; An Activist loves to sign petitions, write to people in power and in general stand up justice. (Think those that are heavily involved in stoping injustice)
  • Ascetic - Loving God in Solitude and Simplicity; An Ascetic connects with God in long periods of complete silence and by keeping a tidy, simple, un-busy schedule. (Think monks.)
  • Caregiver - Loving God by Caring for Others; Caregivers often work in the background. They are mostly the ones who volunteer - in soup kitchens, nursing homes, prisons etc etc. (Think Mother Theresa kind of people.)
  • Contemplative - Loving God Through Adoration; Contemplatives love to sit and soak in God's presence and His love. They use the language of lovers (Lover of my soul, beautiful, fall in love with Jesus etc etc) and often say that there goal in life is to grow closer to their Friend and Intimate Companion. (Sorry, no examples... except me! I'm a Contemplative.)
  • Enthusiast - Loving God Through Celebration; You can spot an Enthusiast quite easily. They are the ones lifting hands, singing the loudest, clapping and dancing in their places. Worship for them is an energetic, joyful celebration.
  • Intellectual - Loving God Through the Mind and Reasoning; An Intellectual loves to study the Scriptures in depth and read highly thought-provoking books. They think deeply and evaluate everything they hear.
  • Naturalist - Loving God in Nature; Naturalists connect with God by sitting out doors and gazing at His creation. That's about what you need to get how they connect.
  • Sensate - Loving God Through the Senses; A Sensate connects with God by looking at beautiful things, touching symbols, smelling things (incense etc), hearing wonderful things (organ music etc) and tasting things (the Communion wine and bread etc). They love physical symbols and worship God through them.
  • Traditionalist - Loving God Through Ritual and Symbol; Traditionalists find God in things like a painting of the Crucifixion, seeing the site of Golgotha in Israel, hanging symbols such as a cross or fish in their home etc. They love 'old fashioned' worship and splendid churches.
Well, that's basically it. You will have a stronger God Language other ones that you enjoy somewhat and still others that you cannot identify with. For example, I'm a Contemplative with traces of an Enthusiast, Intellectual, Ascetic and Caregiver. But I cannot identify with the Traditionalist or Sensate. But be careful: you may not have had time in your life to try each language, so if none sound like you, start to try out each one in turn. (For help with how to try each, read "What's Your God Language?") Over time you can start to use other God Languages to grow you even deeper."

Q. "Must I have a daily quiet time/time alone with God/personal devotion?"
A. "Yes, yes and definitely YES!! You need to make a habit of doing this essential spiritual discipline. Engage with God through you God Language. Study the Bible, pray etc etc. Yes, daily devotions are ESSENCIAL!! Make it a habit and stick to it. (Besides, why would you not want to grow their relationship with the King of Kings, Creator of the world, Lover of your soul and Intimate Friend? We have such an amazing privilege!!)

Cassie xoxoxo