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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Book review - "Before You Meet Prince Charming."

This is an amazing book that has got me on fire for purity and following God wholeheartedly. I heartily recommend it, it’s so worth any extra money you may have to pay.

Author: Sarah Mally
Publisher: Tomorrow’s Forefathers, Inc.
Subject: Purity, following God wholeheartedly, being a radiant light for Him
Age category: 12– 18, but can be read by anyone who is single (but not under 10 is recommended). (Or married and wants to give someone else advice, for that matter.)
My rating: 4 and a half stars

"Before You Meet Prince Charming”is a wonderful book, intended not for those who have already made mistakes, but for those who want to be free from them. Sarah gives advice on: desiring the very best marriage, guarding you heart, romantic dreams, waiting well, having a life purpose bigger than marriage, being reserved for one, delighting in God, how parents can help you on this journey, and other subjects. I found this really helpful in thinking about purity and the right perspective of singleness and marriage. Chock-a-block full of Bible verses and great views on: turning to the Lord for fulfilment, guarding hearts and minds and being a bright light in this generation, and others. Apparently it is available at QBD and Koorong (will have to be ordered to Toowoomba)."

Cassie xoxoxo

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  1. Great book review Cassie!

    I agree, it is a wonderful book, that needs to be read by every teen girl!


  2. OH! I'm JUST about to read that book! =D Now I'm even MORE excited to read it! XP Thanks for the post! ^_^

  3. I'd like to read this book sometime! It sounds good, but may be a little too old for me just yet.

  4. I've read this book several times... AND LOVE IT!!
    It was so encouraging, challenge and its message spoke truth and pointed to Jesus Christ - our True Prince! Thanx for sharing!
    God's richest blessings,
    A fellow sis and 'purity girl' in Christ,
    Emily Grace M

  5. NO, Holls, the book shouldn't be too old for you, but if you don't want to even think about what you want in a guy etc (and this is for everyone, too), that's fine.

    Cassie cococo


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