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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yes, hello.

Ug, I know I haven't posted in a while. Now's not a time of post-writing motivation and a million and one thoughts I need to get down, unfortunately. There has been stuff going on... a lot of stuff. Lots of lessons happening, and thing's I'm trying to work out. Contentment (yeh, that's a big one). Intimacy with Christ. Trust. Faithfulness. Quiet times. Friendship. Repentance. Distraction. Contentment (oh, did I say that? :P). And 'outside' too, there's been quite a bit happening. I'm trying to submit scholarship applications (prayers I get them in on time appreciated!!) and apply for a passport and finish a Uni subject and work and keep on top of year 12 and not get distracted by social media and YouTube (I swear that thing can be as awful as Netflix is for other people) and visit my friend in hospital and make time for other friends. I guess I should just sit down one Sunday and spill a few thoughts, even if they're not neat. But anyway, yes I'm still here and I am working out what to write. So, hello again. :) Do feel free to comment with what's been happening in your world, inside or out.

Much love,

Monday, 12 October 2015


Photo credit: Kevin D and Flickr Creative Commons

Well, today marks 4 years since I started this blog! (And a week or so back marked 6 years since I truly decided to live for God.) 

(To be honest, I feel like I'm going to repeat what I said last year. Oh well. :D)

All glory to God. Seriously, I am so crazy thankful for how far He has brought me, even just in the past year. None of this (*sweeps hand towards myself and my tiny corner of the internet*) happens without Him.

A gazillion thanks to everyone who has walked by me over the past 4 years, 6 years... and, well, my whole life. You are such an encouragement and inspiration to me. Thanks to those who have given my intellect a good workout, been a sounding-board, let me dump my feelings, struggles, and joys on you, offered advice, and/or just encouraged me to keep pursing Christ.

Well, I think I shall also do what I did last year: pick some fave posts from the year past. So here you go (in chronological order). Enjoy!

Cassie xoxoxo

Thursday, 8 October 2015

I am not sufficient

Photo credit: George Samuel and Flickr Creative Commons

This past week has honestly been a hard one. A week of an aching heart and many tears and prayer battles. A weak where I have heard pain upon pain, most of which I have little power to heal.

A dear friend is struggling with her family situation and navigating a relationship.

Another dear friend wants a relationship but is going about it all wrong, and I can't help but read deeper hurt and longings underneath.

And a gorgeous, sweet, amazing young girl I know was hospitalised this week with a severe eating disorder.

The worst thing about it all? I am helpless. I cannot wave a wand and change families. I cannot break the power of a deep psychological and spiritual chain. I cannot force a dependence on God in someone else. That hurts me. My nature is to fix. And sometimes I can. But this week, I have come face to face with the realisation that often, I can't.

I can't.

I am not sufficient.

There are only four things I can do in these situations.

  1. Pray my heart out. I can petition the One who can heal, do miracles, change hearts, break chains, to do just that. I can wrestle in prayer.
  2. Support. Love, encourage, challenge, speak life, and just be there. Be there when my friend needs to cry. Be there to play games with my friend in hospital. Just be there. I refuse to be a fair-weather friend. With God's power, I will stay and love.
  3. Point others to God, not me. Like I said, I am not sufficient. Not nearly. So I am not the answer. God is. I am not the fount of answers. God is. Yes, I can support. I will not pull away when a friend needs to lean on me. But ultimately, the solution is God, not me. That's where I need to be pointing.
  4. Lean on God myself. These are burdens beyond my power to carry. But praise Jesus, I need not carry them! My Good Shepard is there, willing to carry me as I support others. He is my strength. Psalm 59:16-17 is my anthem through this season:  

"But I will sing of your strength,
in the morning I will sing of your love;
for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.
You are my strength, I sing praise to you;
you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely."

I am not sufficient. But God is my strength, my sufficiency, my everything.

And, as my piano teacher said, at least I'm not at a loss for prayer points. :P

Cassie xoxoxo

P.S. If anyone has advice on how to support a friend with an eating disorder, please please please comment, or email me (link in the 'Contact Me' page on the sidebar).