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Monday, 20 July 2015

A magnificent poem

I did not write this. A friend of mine, fellow Rebelutionary teen Samuel G, wrote it. Isn't it just glorious?!

From the depths of shallow feelings,
From the highs that leave you low, 
From the dullness of excitement 
And the facelessness of show; 
From the poverty of riches, 
The obscurity of fame,
From the anguish of a "happiness" 
That glories in its shame; 
From the narrow-minded "tolerance" 
That knows no deeper truth, 
From the childishness of old age 
And the tiredness of youth,
From the foolishness of "wisdom" 
And the depths of "higher thought", 
From the dark of the "enlightenment" 
May your own mind be brought. 

May you find God's joy in sadness 
And His life within your pain;
Crucify yourself to selfishness 
And, dying, live again; 
May you choose the "harder" path
(The yoke that's easy and that's light),
May you love your enemies, and find 
True peace within your fight; 
May your treasure be in jars of clay –
O greatest, be the least! – 
May your strength be in your weakness 
And on God's word may you feast. 

So reject your knowing ignorance, 
Humiliated pride –
And follow in the life He lived 
And trust the death He died;
For, much higher than the heavens 
And much deeper than the sea 
Is the love He gives to sinners 
Such as you, and such as me.

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