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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lessons, joys, etc // Weeks 8 & 9

{Realised at the start of this week that I had forgotten to do my 'Lessons, joys, etc' post for last week! So here is a special-edition two-weeks-in-one post. :P}

 ~ With some friends, they are so awesome that you put them on a pedestal. You admire them, a lot. Then, something happens. Be it an off-hand (and not even gossiping) comment from another mutual friend, or the observation of a certain action, you suddenly see the friend in question in a different light. They fall from the pedestal. Or rather, you bring them down. And it is after this 'disenchantment' that the quality of a friend is truly tested. When the rose-coloured glasses come off... what are they really like? (Thankful to say many people I've gone through this process with have 'passed.' I'm so blessed to have many true friends.)
 ~ Age is no limit for excellence. 
 ~ Is it OK to do something with one guy? My 'draft' answer: yes, if it is conducted with decency and discretion in a public place. (I ran up against this question in real life for the first time last week. Feel free to comment on this.)
 ~ Pray, pray, PRAY!
 ~ Being pushed hard is actually quite thrilling.
 ~ Ultimate antidote to stress - spending time with GOD and HIS WORD!!! 

 ~ Friends from age 11 - 21.
 ~ Realising I've seen the dreams of three friends realised within three months.
 ~ Blimey Cow fans on The Rebelution.
 ~ Shiny new hinges.
 ~ Going to the hardware store with Dad. 
 ~ Decked out it mask and goggles, hair up under a wrap, spray-painting.
 ~ Mould wiping off wicker.
 ~ Writing encouragement for a friend leaving the county to follow his dream.
 ~ Bible on one knee, journal on the other.
 ~ Brothers cracking bad 'dad' jokes.
 ~ God's comfort alleviating the stress of a full schedule and tumbling emotions. 
 ~ Perfect Colin Buchanan songs.
 ~ Waking just before my alarm rings.
 ~ Quite Times with God becoming a necessity for my day.
 ~ My discussion question on The Rebelution!
 ~ Utterly perfect frangipanis - ripe for photographing.
 ~ Subsequent gorgeous photos (see above).
 ~ Planing. Lots of planing.
 ~ Reasonable organisational skills.
 ~ Catching up with friends who have been overseas for the last 2 years.
 ~ Project finished after days of hard work.
 ~ Having friends I'll miss seeing weekly this year over to dinner.
 ~ Youth filling our house.
 ~ Choc-penut-butter Ice Magic.
 ~ Almost-melted ice-cream.
 ~ The Balloon Game.
 ~ Balderdash with 11 people.
 ~ Friends staying an hour late.
 ~ First 'professional' driving lesson going well.
 ~ Gluten-free toast (because it tastes like crumpets).

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. (I *THOUGHT* it felt like it'd been a while since you did one! LOL)
    "being pushed hard" how? Because I recently went through a lot of pushing and... it was... less than thrilling. :S Glad you had better results, tho! :)
    Love your "Ultimate antidote to stress" <3 <3 <3 <3
    Really good stuff this week Cassie :) Definitely worth the wait <3
    Blimey cow!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!
    <3 "God's comfort alleviating the stress of a full schedule and tumbling emotions" <3 (sensing a common theme from these last two weeks ;) ;)

    1. Thanks, HisPrincessWarrior! :) Glad you like it.
      Well, my hard pushing was mostly with school and work and other organisational stuff. Last year I was maxed-out, pushed to the limits in terms of time and energy. And recently, despite it being holidays, I've had a stack of stuff to organise that has pushed me a fair bit too. :) So probably different to the push you went through. I hope you did learn stuff though. :)

  2. Beautiful post, Cassie! I agree and love your ultimate antidote for stress....definitely one that really helps! I love how you are writing your thankful lists and sharing them. Keep writing them, whether or not you share them. :) Gluten-free toast?! What's the recipe? Would love to try it! :)


    1. Thanks Laura! :) Oh, gluten-free bread was shop-bought. I think it was Helga's. :)


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