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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lessons, joys, etc // 1

Not the best photo I've taken, but it has a special joy attached to it -
bush-wacking to pretty much the edge of a cliff to try and capture the sunset.

Yep. I forgot again. Actually, I think I'll stop doing these on a weekly basis. I've enjoyed writing them, and from what I hear, you enjoy reading them. But it's getting to the point where it's more of a 'just a habit' thing. So I might do them every so often, but I won't be deliberately putting them out each week. And when I do, I'll just number them form one again (as seen in this title). I'll leave you with some recent lessons and joys. :)

 ~ The Holy Spirit must guide every relationship I am in. He must be given free reign to work and lead within them. #convicted
 ~ Speak life! Our words can hurt, our words can heal. Will we choose to bless our curse mankind who is made in the image of God? (James 3:9-10.)

 ~ Umbrellas in the fog.
 ~ New friends becoming old friends.
 ~ King Mau (you who know how to play will know what I'm talking about :P).
 ~ Replacement sugar.
 ~ Lying on couches with an old friend and a new, simply singing worship songs softly.
 ~ Sneakers squelching on damp soil.
 ~ Rock Deli chips.
 ~ Sleep (always good, especially after a week of little).
 ~ Paleo recipes.*
 ~ Almond pancakes.
 ~ Our family being invited to something.
 ~ First draft of my re-vamped blog page complete.
 ~ Patting rays (slimy, but soft and gorgeous).
 ~ Dolphin show (simply stunning).

Cassie xoxoxo

* I do not agree with the idea that the paleo diet is the way to go 'because our primal ancestors ate that way.' It's a diet I'm trying for health reasons, and I know many people have benefited from it, but I do not hold to the evolutionary ideas it's based upon.  

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  1. This is simply beautiful! I love this! Well done!


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