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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to fight off liking a guy // Part 2

The Specifics // Part 1

  1. Swap the thoughts you catch yourself thinking for prayer, scripture, or truth. I think I've said this before: we can't just push out bad thoughts, we must exchange them for good thoughts. When you catch your mind wandering, dreaming over a guy, try praying, quoting scripture or reminding yourself of truth (i.e. God is more than enough for me).
  2. Be aware of Satan's tactics. Unfortunately, this one comes mostly by experience. But let me just say, Satan has many tactics to tap us off the course. It may be outright, or it may be subtle. Keep your eyes open, and claim God's truth over you.
  3. Tell someone you trust. This one is so helpful! I can't say I tell my mum or one of my best friends every little thing I'm struggling with in this area, but when it's bigger, or when it's been going on for a while, one of the biggest reliefs is telling someone you trust. It removes the secrecy aspect, brings things into the light (in some cases, just doing that breaks it's power), and most often yields in helpful advice or accountability. It is unbelievably helpful (even while somewhat uncomfortable) to have someone saying, "so, how are things going with so-and-so?"
  4. Avoid things that stir up those thoughts (don't spur it on). OK, this is big. When fighting off a crush, we must not do things to stir it up! That may mean any manner of things. Maybe it's taking his photo off your phone lock screen, or not listening to that so that so reminds you of him, or not Internet-stalking him. ;P For me, it's meant any manner of things, from choosing not to seek him out at a gathering, to not going along to drop my brother at his place where I might just, maybe see him. It's meant not chatting to him online all the time, not playing memories over and over (you with me here?!), not sitting right next to him, not holding his gaze a split second too long, nor too deeply. If you've purposed to fight this fire, FIGHT IT, don't fan it!

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  1. Oh Cassie... I have SO been #4. Playing memories over and over... oh my, I am so guilty. This is awesome, and so helpful, thank you!

    1. It's a biggie, huh?! I'm glad you could draw a challenge and encouragement out of this post. :)


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