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Monday, 29 September 2014

How to fight off liking a guy // Part 1

Ok, so a reader, to my excitement, took the time to request a few posts. This was one, and when she mentioned it I suddenly realised that, guess what? I hadn't actually a done a post with some of my how-to for fighting off liking a guy. Oh yes, I've suggested things for a myriad of other topics, and I say (or imply) multiple times that you should fight of liking a guy, but Oh my goodness, I've not actually done a post about it. (I have said some stuff in the "My thoughts specifically on crushes" page, but that actually needs a bit of revision, so here's the first step with that.) So thank you, dear reader, and here is part 1 of your answer.

The Basics
  1. I can't tell you how. Yup, you're probably familiar with this kind of answer now. There is no cookie-cutter method. This is an individual journey, and each one is different. Besides that, you learn more and more each time (that's right, fighting off liking one guy isn't a life-time cure!). So in the following points I will suggest things I've found helpful, but I don't promise a perfect cure-all!
  2. Acknowledge it. I think one of the most important things in this process, and certainly the foundational step, is to be self-aware. Eavesdrop on your thoughts, pay attention to your emotions. No, I'm not saying that we are purely 'natural' creatures or that we can't resist our body's processes, but don't write off anything you're feeling! Be conscious of yourself, and acknowledge what you're feeling. (Note: this is a growing process! You learn to observe and acknowledge yourself better through experience.)
  3. Pray and submit. When you realise that you're drifting towards liking a guy, your thoughts are wandering off course, you're getting distracted, you get a jolt of adrenaline whenever you hear of a certain guy, or whatever, drop to your knees! This step only comes second because you can't do it without acknowledging first. It is of utmost importance. Talk to God; let Him know what you're feeling, and submit it all to Him. Give over your heart, your mind, your feelings, your attention.
  4. Fight to stay close to God. The whole reason we fight off liking guys is because it distracts us from God and our true purpose - to glorify Him. God is so much better than any guy, and that's why we choose to focus on Him. Remember that! Fight for it! Refuse to be swayed! Actively pursue God!
  5. Choose to fight it. This is a choice. It won't be easy. It will probably be frustrating. It may take a short time, or it might take a long time. But whatever the cost, choose to fight! Make a stand!

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