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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lesson at Youth Group

On Friday, I went to youth group. That's nothing out of the ordinary. But on Friday I saw something that reminded me again of how futile, and what a waste of time, crushes are.

Before small group time, a bunch of girls in my grade suddenly crowded around the window of the auditorium and exclaimed excitedly to one-another. Going to the window myself, I asked what was happening. The girls pointed to two dots of light down in the carpark and told me that one of the boys in the grade above us was asking out one of the girls in our grade. The boy, who I'll call Caspian, had candles lit and was waiting for the girl, who I'll call Amy, to come down.

After small group time, the new couple walked in holding hands, and all the girls exclaimed over how adorable it all was. How Caspian was so sweet, putting effort into make Amy feel special. I agreed that that was indeed "cute," and that Caspian was a cut above the rest (which actually isn't much of a huge compliment when you know the kind of people who go to my youth group). But my heart rebelled when my leader said, "Young romance, I just love it. Young love is so sweet!" I couldn't help but think back to a year and a half ago, where a different scenario played out...


We were in the dinning hall at youth camp, just after a meal. Caspian was clearing and wiping tables. Actually, he'd done that most meals. I soon found out why.

"Caspian has a crush on Tasha! [Not her real name.] That's why he's serving, to try and impress her. Isn't that cute!!"

No, I thought, that's not cute. Tasha is one of, if not the most respected girl in youth. My guess is that she would hate the thought of someone abusing the act of service to impress her. And regardless of that, crushes are still not cute. And how long will it be till he forgets her?


That is what I remembered as I watched Caspian give Amy a hug. And... it encouraged me. It encouraged me to keep holding onto my convictions and my standards, because I don't want to end up dancing from one crush to the next. I want to hold tight to God, not a guy. I want to serve because I love my Servant King, not because it will impress someone else. I want to put effort first and foremost into my relationship with God, and then into my relationships with my family (both my literal and spiritual families). May this reminder encourage you to do the same. :)

Your sister in the Journey,
Cassie xoxoxo


  1. I am glad you were able to discern that situation wisely and be encouraged to stay strong in your resolve! Praying for you and thankful for all your blog posts to read and share with the young girls in my life!


    1. Thank you Anna! I so appreciate hearing that the post are loved and shared, it means a lot to me. :D


      P.S. Oooo, you're from Canada!! Awesome!! :)


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