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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A little correction...

After my dear mother, who I know agrees with what I at least meant to say in that statement commented "dissagree," I knew I had gotten the wording wrong. :/ So to clarify: 'dating to find a marriage partner' means basically not dating for fun, but to discern the suitability of someone you strongly think (and have prayed about) you might marry. That means not dating until you're ready to start thinking about getting married soon-ish.

Sorry about that. :/

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. I agree however I think God's life story for every person is unique, and God will bring his right partner for your life in his timing, I'm not sure if this is nessacerlily at an age or time when you are ready for marriage, or if you ever are ready for marriage, and maybe a relationship is what will help prepare you for marriage

  2. The comment box is being weird, so it wouldn't let my type anything else, so I'm continuing... I think that while dating should lead to marriage, people make wrong decisions, and dating sti gives people the freedom to get out of that relationship, if they realise that it's the wrong person. Hopefully this kinda makes sense, I'm not entirely sure of what I think, but I a adamantly beleive that if you seek God and listen to him, he guides you in every decision and aspect of your life, so I'm not really worried about if I get into a relationship, would it lead to marriage, and would I date someone if I wasn't sure, because I 'll pray about it at that time. So yeah, after all this rambling I've realised that basically I agree, that would have been heaps quicker to say : p


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