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Thursday, 19 April 2012

It Just Goes to Show...: A Real Life Example of Setting an Example

I'm hoping to get my testimony on this blog sometime, IF I EVER GET AROUND TO IT! Quite busy at the moment... that brings me to another post I hope to post sometime. Anyway, here's a post to tide all you wonderful viewers over; and whats better - it's a REAL LIFE story (we all love those, don't we!).

OK, so I think I've talked (somewhere!) about setting an example to others. But hey, does it really work? YES!!! I've been really encourage, because I've noticed that my younger sister is following the example that I've tried to set: When I do something wrong, big or little, even if the person that may be affected by my sin doesn't know what I did, I go and repent to them. And now she does it too! Maybe she sits on my beanbag when I'm not there, but then she comes and tells me, and says sorry. AWESOME!, right?! So it all goes to show, good example are followed (unfortunately, so are bad ones).

Hey, have you got an example of an example being followed? Tell us in a comment! Oh, and by the way, I haven't had many. So take 30 seconds to tell me what you think of my post (good or bad)!


Cassie xoxoxo


  1. that's really awesome, cassie! keep at it, girl!

  2. Oh yes! Examples are most certainly followed!!

    One instance that I can recall off the top of my head, is the example of rising early, and spending time with the Lord in reading His Word, prayer and worship!
    Originally I had the mindset of this being the only time to be alone with God without distractions!!.... but I came to realize what an important role as being the eldest in a large family is to set this example of devotions when I saw, one by one, my sisters rising early too! I'm thankful for the blessing of living on a few hundred acres, so I still get that time alone... but what a wonderful thing to encourage and set an example to your younger siblings of a daily time with the Lord!!

    Keep up the lovely posts, Cassy... your blog is such a blessing, and it is such an encouragement to know that I have a sister in Christ who has a heart to live a life that brings glory and honour to her Saviour and Lord!

    God Bless you richly,
    Love, Emily Grace xoxox

  3. Great post! That's so cool! And I bet it's very encouraging and exciting for you!



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