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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fairy Floss

{All credit to Dale Mastin and Flickr Creative Commons}

 Mmm... fairy floss. Floaty, filmy, sticky, sweet. Yum. I do like the occasional fairy floss at  a féte or Exhibition. There is, however, another kind of fairy floss I find myself partaking of much more frequently....

Thought fairy floss.

Ah yes. How often does my mind wander to things that might feel nice, but in reality do me no good? How often do my thoughts linger on that wishy-washy TV show I paused to watch? Or that rubbish song I heard on the radio at the shopping centre? Or (most commonly for me) that special smile with a guy across the room, or the look into his eyes as you talked, or the funny comment he made in an online chat. I think there are a few kinds of fairy floss,  but the one I want to focus on is romantic fluff.

 Now, often these kinds of things we end up thinking about are perfectly normal and innocent in reality. Making eye contact with a guy when you talk is not something to be avoided (it's a way of showing respect). Funny comments naturally bring joy to our days, and a smile across the room is nothing big. Oh, or is it? This is where the problem comes in: not in reality, but in our brains and imaginations. We take some normal part of our day, and we dwell on it. We blow it up, we extrapolate on it, we take it further than it went. We instantly infuse it with way too much meaning, and our imaginations flick to what could have happened. Is that not true, at least for some things?

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not against processing your day.  But I don't think indulging in mental fairy floss, dragging simple reality into the dream world just for pleasure, is a good idea. How is it constructive?  Does it bring glory to God?  Is it not just like fairy floss - nice at the time,  but ultimately not good for us?

Also keep in mind that we can't stop thoughts coming. They come, OK. It's what we do with them that counts. Do we entertain them, or throw them away? Do we lingeringly lick our fairy floss thoughts, or do we dump them in the bin?

Yeh, I guess this is yet another post about guarding your thoughts. But it's important!! Let's make sure we are filling our minds with nutritious thoughts (sweet is still OK though, as long as they build up!) instead of fairy floss fluff. 

Cassie xoxoxo

P.S. If you're wondering about the posts I promised, you have every right to! I'm afraid I've had to put them on hold for a while. I asked for feedback on the first one from a friend, and he gave me some great advice, so I'm going to re-work it. I'm kinda busy at the moment though. I do have holidays next week, but I'm not quite sure how much I'll be able to work on it. So the first one is still quite a few weeks away. I'm really sorry, I probably shouldn't have promised what I wasn't absolutely certain I could deliver! I will have the up as soon as I can, but it will probably be a while. 

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