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Monday, 11 May 2015

Live Life.

Today is crazy. I'm sitting here with a yoghurt-y ramekin and spoon sitting on my psychology textbook to my right, and a to-do list sitting on top of my Art of Argument homework book to the left. The bench is sitting un-cleared from lunch. I'm semi-stressing about a huge assignment that is due early next week and oh-my-gosh-I've-got-babysitting-in-two-hours-and-a-work-shift-tomorrow-and-most-of-Thursday-taken-up-with-co-op-and-Uni-on-Friday-and-youth-and-volunteering-on-Saturday-and-Sunday-is-a-Sabbath-and-aaaahhhhh!!!! Yep. Exactly.

So why am I writing this if I have so much to do?

Because a to-do list and deadlines is not life. Life is more than that.

Life is still taking time to drive to my friend's house (yes, I can do that now!!) and spend an hour on a rug with tea and paleo cake and schoolwork.

Life is saying yes to volunteering and babysitting. (Note: I am careful not to say yes to EVERYTHING though.)

Life is listening to your little brother sing along to your friends' CD.

Life is taking a few minutes to pray and write encouragement for a friend on the other side of the world who I've never met but is going through depression and is asking for prayer.

Life is letting that yoghurt-y ramekin sit there for another minute while you relax, trust, and form the experience of the haven of rest that God is into the words of a blog post.

Life is life in Christ.

Live life.

Now, back to that assignment...
Cassie xoxoxo


  1. I love this, Cassie. I need a print-off of this to stick in my room where I can see it all the time. Thank you so much for this reminder!

    1. You're welcome!! Glad it touched you. :)

  2. I love this! This is just what a needed to read.

  3. Wait, "Art of Argument"? Joelle Hodge, Dr. Perrin? 'Cause if so, I'm in the middle of the same book.


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