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Friday, 3 April 2015

Nothing but the blood...

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I wanted to write a post this Good Friday, but also wanted it to come from the heart. Which made it tricky. Why? Because honestly, I was already struggling with finding Easter special. I've been through... over a dozen Easters since becoming a Christian. I know the story. I know the drill. And every year, I find it hard to see with new eyes the wonder of Christ's sacrifice. And so Good Friday went by without a post writing itself in my heart.

Last night, though, I decided to ask God something. I prayed, "God, I want this Easter to be a special time of reflection. I want to see the wonder again."

This morning, I was having my quiet time, trying to just be still and know the Story of Love. I had Easter songs (mostly hymns) playing, and I was listening to "Nothing but the Blood" by Redemption Church (based of the hymn "What Can Wash Away My Sin?").

And suddenly Easter hit me.

"What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus." Nothing but the... Wait, nothing but the blood of Jesus!


I can't wash away my sin. I can't. All my attempts at goodness, at Godliness, at purity... none of these can wash away my sin. "Nothing can for sin atone, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Not the good that I have done, nothing but the blood of Jesus."

I can turn to things for fulfilment. I can turn to friends, to boys, to school, to church. But none of these can address the ultimate need I have - for my sins to be washed away.

Only the blood of Jesus can do that.

And that is why we sing, "Oh, precious is the flow that made me white as snow! No other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus."

And that... that is why Jesus came. Because He knew that nothing but His precious blood would wash away our sin. There was no other option. And so He came, and went through agony beyond belief and bled so that our sins would be washed away. As Chris Tomlin puts it, "Your blood ran red and my sin washed white."

That is the Story of Love. That is the wonder I found again.

Cassie xoxoxo


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