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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lessons, joys, etc // 3

Perks of being up to see God's crazy sunrise. :)

Hmm, been a while since I posted! Though I may as well do another of these posts while I wait for something blog-post-worthy to crop up. There has been plenty God's taught me, and, as usual, He has blessed me abundantly. :)

 ~ Submit. And submit and submit and submit and submit and submit and... Feelings. Dreams. Thoughts. To God. Over and over. #routinebutstillgoodasnew

 ~ God works in funny ways. So there's two boys, who God has used in my life in completely different ways (long stories), and I saw both of them in the same day a while ago, and it was just amusing and cool to just reflect how God has worked in different, unexpected ways.

 ~ Sometimes lessons take aaaaaages.... but sometimes God just does a miracle in your heart and it's so cool.

 ~ When God asks us to give up something, it's always, ALWAYS because He has something better in mind. (More on this in another post, perhaps...)

 ~ Emergency ward. (And y'all in America wouldn't understand our public health system, but let me tell you, our emergency wards are one of the best things on planet Earth.)
 ~ Parents home from overseas.
 ~ Crazy friends singing me happy birthday over the phone.
 ~ Chinese inkstones and curly black letters spelling truth onto white paper.
 ~ Buses working out, despite being late. (God is so good to me. No matter how late the bus, I've never had a serious problem getting into Uni.)
 ~ Running down a city street in the warm-cool air, rejoicing.
 ~ Crazy celebrations at church.
 ~ Easter hymns on the piano.
 ~ "Your blood ran red, and my sins washed white." ~Chris Tomlin
 ~ Seeing friends we don't see often again.
 ~ Freedom.
 ~ Teens praying.
 ~ Taking photos of the sunrise many mornings.
 ~ More music from The Grey Havens. (Plus free, and legal, download!!)
 ~ Reading LOTR and frying bacon on a camp-stove at the same time.
 ~ "Mary had a Lamb and He was white as snow." ~The Grey Havens.
 ~ Bush walking in 9.5 degree (Celsius) weather.
 ~ ANZAC Day dawn service. It was the 100th anniversary.
 ~ Marching cadets and veterans... the young and the old.
 ~ Hats held respectfully.
 ~ The Last Post (as in the bugle call).

Things I love at the moment:
 ~ Revive!!
 ~ Lord of the Rings (reading the books again).
 ~ The Grey Havens music (I think I said that already...)
 ~ for King and Country's music.
 ~ 'Concerning Hobbits' from the LOTR soundtrack.
 ~ Quiet times.
 ~ 'Home' the movie. <3

Cassie xoxoxo

P.S. Idk how much you Americans know about Australian war history, but ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day commemorates the landing of our troops on the Gallipoli peninsular in WW1. You can Google the rest, it's quite an amazing story.


  1. I loved reading this!! You found so many joys and things to be thankful for! That's awesome. :)

    (And For King and Country is pretty much the best. :) )

    1. Thanks Rachel! God has blessed me so much, it's not hard. :)

      (I agree!!)

  2. I don't think I mentioned it on Revive, but I love the "Mary had a Lamb and He was white as snow". So awesome!

    Thanks for sharing, Cassie!

    1. I know right! That moment I heard it and finally clicked was pretty cool. :P "Huh, wait... OOOHHH! THAT'S AWEOME!" :P
      You're welcome! (Hey also, are you Lauren S on Revive? I've probably asked this before too... :/)

  3. Nope, you never asked! Yeppers, that's me. :) *COVER BLOWN* ;)

  4. ahh... awesome little truths and fun insights into you life packed into this post! Love these! :)

  5. We lovee the Grey Havens! My sister even got on stage with them once! :D I followed! <3
    ~Sarah Margaret

    1. Wow, that's soooo cool! I wish I could do that!
      Thanks for following, I hope you enjoy! Out of curiosity, did you come across my blog via Defying Depravity?

    2. I did! Lauren actually shot me an email asking how I found your blog and she had said on her blog to "check out Cassie's awesome blog," so I checked it out. ;) lol!

    3. *Slips in since Sarah isn't always spot-on it to respond*

      She told me she did. She was going, "You said to check it out, so I did..." So then we were talking about you, and I told her that you were totally awesome. :)

    4. That's awesome!
      Haha, Lauren, thanks. :D

    5. *gasps* Lauren! LOL! I responded before you! hahaaa! ;)


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