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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lessons, joys, etc // 2

 ~ God is the only truly effective antidote to stress.
 ~ A minute in the presence of God is never wasted.
 ~ I'm not perfect (wow, surprise surprise!).
 ~ I know (again) why emotional attachment isn't a good idea: it hurts.
 ~ Hurts and mistakes aren't good. But if they happen, God always, always, teaches us stuff through them.
 ~ A life of purity CANNOT be lived in my strength. No way, no how.
 ~ "The heart is deceitful above all things, and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" (Jeremiah 17:9)
 ~ Stress - is it not, at least in part, fear? Fear of not meeting a deadline? Fear of being unorganised? Fear that God will not help you get done all your school when you've entrusted your day to Him? Isn't it? But, as long as you have committed your day/deadline/whatever to God (and if you haven't, you should), why stress? I can say from experience that God works supernaturally when we lay our rising stress aside to come before God and give it to Him. I've done a full day's school in four hours when I let God take my stress/fear. And that kind of thing has happened over, and over, and over.

 ~ "The Grey Havens" music.
 ~ Full water bottles.
 ~ Holding books in my hands, excitement washing over me.
 ~ "Beowulf" = awesome.
 ~ To rest content.
 ~ John Dreamer music.
 ~ Cool lunch box.
 ~ Loom-band owls.
 ~ First co-op of the year.
 ~ 'The Art of Argument.'
 ~ Forgiveness.
 ~ Peace that transcendeth all understanding.
 ~ Psalm 62.
 ~ God giving me a flower via our sweet little neighbour.
 ~ iPhone photos.
 ~ Finding God's plan for an earlier task I thought I'd done in vain.
 ~ Holding on for dear life while tubing down the river.
 ~ Grinning in the water while I wait for the boat to pick me up.
 ~ Almost no mozzie bites.
 ~ Four photographers x trigger-happy-ness = a flood of glorious captured memories.
 ~ Rude, but good, spiritual awakening.
 ~ Tinned fruit.
 ~ Bus ride with my brother.
 ~ Becoming fairly confident with First Aid.
 ~ New orthodic shoes.

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. love what you say about stress-- yes! I agree, fear has so much to do with it. really appreciated what you said about giving it to Him and how, through His grace, you've been able to accomplish so much more in a shorter amt of time. NEED THAT right now lol.

  2. Cassie, I absolutely love being a part of your life, enough that most of these lessons & joys I share because I've walked them with you. I'm grateful for you, my friend. x


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