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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

So it's Christmas time again! Isn't it wonderful!?

Truth be told, I don't have anything deep and meaningful to say about Christmas. Many people write glorious posts and articles around this time of year that capture why Christmas is so special. And I could follow in their blogging footsteps and write about how awesome this time to dwell on the miracle of God With Us is, how sweet is this time of community with family and other around us, or how we need to slow down amidst the rush. But honestly, we all know that. I'm sure each one of us has had those reminders many times throughout this month. And God has not laid anything new or especially incredible on my heart. So I'm not going there, however wonderful 'there' is. Or at least, not quite.

I did want to say, Merry Christmas!!!

And I did want to share something God laid on my heart last year, when Christmas did not feel as Christmassy as it does this year. I shared it a few weeks ago, but I want to put it here again:

Christmas began with pain: the pain of childbirth, the pain the wrenched God's heart as He watched His dear Son enter this messed-up world.

Many people will be feeling pain as well as joy this season. How well I know that. My prayers are with you, and I wanted to remind you that God knows and feels your pain. Even as I write that, it feels... unsatisfactory. But it's truth. And I know I was comforted by that truth last year, and still am whenever I feel pain.

I also wanted to share some fave Christmas carols. Feel free to add yours in the comments!

  1. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" by Sleeping at Last. #1 carol this year, no doubt about it.
  2. "Mary Did You Know?" by Pentatonix. Popular this year, and it brings out absolutely glorious truth. This sleeping Child you're holding is the great I AM.
  3. "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Sleeping at Last. The quote in my 'Lessons, joys, etc / week 2' post was from the wonderful carol.
  4. "Carol of the Bells" by Pentatonix. Amazing a cappella talent in this song!
  5. "12 Days of Christmas" by Reliant K. Crazy, almost-head-banging, upbeat version of possibly the worst and most repetitive Christmas song ever written. I seriously feel like laughing every time I listen to it.
  6. Favourite to play on the piano: O Holy Night.

Have an awesome Christmas!!!
Cassie xoxoxo


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too!!! :) :) I can totally relate with what you said about having "nothing to say that everyone else hasn't already said" lol. I usually just do a quick post saying "merry christmas" too, except when God gives me something else. You really just can't force it, ya know?
    "He feels your pain" is not unsatisfactory. It's SO. NEEDFUL. TO. HEAR. thank you for putting it out there for those that need it. ***Hebrews 4:15***

    "You're Here" and "Joy to the World" by Francesca Battistelli :) Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Thanks girl! I'll look up those carols too... :)


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