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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lessons, joys, etc // Week 4

Photo courtesy of JAB Productions

 ~ A mindset of purity is not pure if it judges others.
 ~ Emotions are fleeting (wow... I know... revolutionary idea, huh?!).

 ~ Antihistamine medicine.
 ~ Rebelution discussion forums (so totally awesome!!! Go check them out!!!).
~ Polite discussions and debates.
 ~ A most welcoming Salvo church.
 ~ Advent candles.
 ~ Finding an iron in the holiday unit.
 ~ Dozens of boogey-board rides (huzzah for awesome waves!).
 ~ Twilight beach capers with my family .
 ~ "Fix My Eyes" by 'for King and Country'.
 ~ Fans (as in the whirly things that keep you cool).
 ~ A hilarious account of a friend's roller-coaster ride.
 ~ Sister finally surfing after persevering for almost a week.
 ~ Shrieking like a 5-year-old for the fun of it.
 ~ Discovering a like-minded brother-in-Christ's blog.
 ~ Picking gorgeous flowers and arranging them.
 ~ Taking photos of the flower arrangements:

 ~ Mum's rhymes to help us remember a balanced holidays (and life): move (exercise) and groove (make or listen to music), read and meet a need, create and relate, think (do something like a game that works your brain) and sink (into a couch, or bed, and just be quiet and think thoughts).
 ~ Catching up with a friend I haven't see in a while for a few hours, and talking, talking, talking...
 ~ Time. 'Free' time. I'm relishing the holidays, this time to chill after a crazy school year, to catch up on a year's worth of spare-time activities, to bless, explore, create, learn in different ways (much as I have absolutely loved this year of school).
 ~ Dead Poets Society (if you have not seen this movie, you MUST watch it. I mean, MUST).
 ~ Christmas spirit, Christmas carols, Christmas clothing, Christmas stage set, Christmas sermons, Christmas trees, Christmas street parties, Christmas food, CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. I'm loving these weekly snapshots of your lessons and joys. Thanks for sharing.

  2. yes, revolutionary idea. Too bad I can't quite grasp it :-P
    Antihistamine and Christmas everything?? YES!!!
    Love these short little posts each week! :)
    (and if you fixed it so we can comment without that re-type the code thingy, I REALLY appreciate that!!!!!!! you're awesome! :) )

    1. Great to know you like them!
      I'll look into that code-thing. No guarantee I'll take it of, but I'll have a look. :)


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