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Thursday, 7 November 2013


 I know I don't usually post much about me and my life, but, much like I did in this post, I thought it would be cool to let you into a bit more of who I am. Give you a bit more of a three-dimensional picture of the real me. So, inspired by this post, here are some "I..." statements that you may or may not know about me.

  • I am... saved, set free, white as snow through the blood of Christ.
  • I am not... perfect.
  • I believe... that no matter what happens, God still loves you like crazy, takes care of you and is in control.
  • I keep... forgetting that God is the best thing I could ever have.  
  • I need... friendship, God, to be taught, music, laughter, encouragement, books, inspiring people around me.
  • I want... to become more set-apart for Christ. 
  • I should... exercise more, love my family more, pray more. 
  • I could... listen to these guys forever. (<3)
  • I rarely... wake up without a song stuck in my head. 
  • I never... will know as much about God as I would like.
  • I wish I could... have an entire year without struggling with my thoughts.* 
  • I don't think... before I act, too often. 
  • I love... time with my friends, God, books, smiles, laughter.  
  • I hate... seeing girls obsess about guys, going from one to the next,** people reading stuff over my shoulder.
  • I fear... people thinking I like a guy (even when it's true) and being rejected or not taken seriously. 
  • I regret... saying things that come out the wrong way and sound really absurd or, um, interesting, shall we say. :P
  • I dance... all the time, everywhere, all through the house, and when I feel stirred by music that calls to my heart and toes. 
  • I cry... when I've 'had it,' when I'm frustrated with my thoughts, when something sad happens, when I'm lonely. 
  • I hope... to get married one day.
  • I dream... of helping this generation embrace purity. 
  • I hear... Jjiraf's music, tapping keys, the whirring computer motor.
  • I see... the computer screen, a cluttered desk.  

Cassie xoxoxo

* It would be nice, but God teaches me so much from my struggles, so I'm content to wrestle through them.
** Please note: I don't hate the girls! I just hate seeing them look for love in the wrong place and get distracted from God, as well as hurt over and over too often.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaand I love you so, very much. x

  2. Hehe, thanks for the little shout-out. :D

    This post is very helpful for more clearly seeing the real you. I love it, and I love you. Thank you for the beautiful post.


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