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Friday, 27 September 2013

Spring/Summer Modesty!

A friend recently asked me for tips on how to stay modest and comfortable this spring/summer. After I wrote my reply I had the idea of putting all my hints into a blog post. So here it is! My few tips on how to stay modest, comfortable and chic in the heat. (To my Northern Hemisphere readers: I know it's not spring up north, but keep a few of these points in mind for when it is. Also, I'm not sure what department stores you have where you live, so unfortunately my specific-store-related hints probably won't apply to you.)

  • First of all, here's what I know's in the shops that I avoid: see-through tops and skirts (often made of chiffon or lace), low-cut tops, shorts/dresses/skirts shorter than a few inches above my knee, tops with arm-holes that are low enough or loose enough to show my bra when I lift my arms, tank tops and singlets (these tend to be too low and too tight or show bra straps), backless (or practically backless) tops/dresses etc. Dresses and tops like this:

Hot Options Mesh Spliced Dress - Geo Print
are in fashion, but I avoid them because of the see-through (or backless) upper.)
  • I love the cute, light '60s dresses like this:
and this: 

that are in fashion now. In fact, I'm wearing one right of the first style right now, and have one of the second style in my wardrobe! They have high necks and are most often a decent length.
Looking at Target Online recently, I've found a few in these styles, although they are a little pricey. Also on Big W online there are a few.
  • Go long skirts! I don't actually have any, but I've seen friends wearing them. You can get nice light ones in summer. Check out Target again.
  • During summer I practically live in denim shorts. I got mine from Target last year (starting to see a theme? :P). If I remember correctly, there's a style called 'Boyfriend' (go figure!) that is nice and loose. But that may be a faulty memory. Also cargo shorts seem to be good, although I don't have any.
  • As for tops, these are harder I think. My style is more dressy, elegant; you don't really find me in over-loose t-shirts etc, so I personally can't escape to that kind of style. Even the trendy styles like this:
Sleeveless Linen Shirt - Rose Violet
don't look as great on me as they do on some of my friends. However, many of you would probably rock that style, so go for it! Many of those kind of tops are very modest. But anyway... For me my greatest find has been the basic Emerson 'rib' tees (or whatever they're called) at Big W:
(Mine's dark blue.) Not the best quality, but very cheap, very simple, very modest, and, as it fits oh-so-subtly around my curves, elegant enough to satisfy my style. 
  • The Regatta brand at Myers has some nice, modest tops for reasonable prices.
  • I know layering isn't the best option in summer, but if you have too, go for a Target Essentials basic t-shirt. Although a bit too see-through to wear on it's own, it's perfect for layering. Same If you need a singlet or leggings - go Target Essentials.
  • Swim-wear is a big one. I think it's a given for us that bikinis are a no-go. Personally, I think that even one-pieces are still too immodest. I wear a one-piece under a rash-shirt and sports skort (skirt and shorts in one). 
This is a sports-material skort
    I possibly could omit the rash-shirt, but I prefer to be on the safe side.
    • Pray before you go summer shopping. And praise God when you find something! Oh, and a bit of research on online helps, so you can just walk into the department store and ask for what you've seen online.

    Hope these tips help you!

    Cassie xoxoxo

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