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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Do YOU Think????

OK, there's something I've been pondering. I think I've got my view, but I'd like to - and others, I'm sure - hear what you guys think first, before just throwing my conclusion on you. So here it is: 'Is there a distinction between attraction and a crush? If so, where do you draw the line between them? How would you define the two?'

Hmm. Give it a real think. Take the minute to post in a comment what view you come to. There is no right or wrong answer. I honestly want to know what you think.

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. At first I thought "no", there isn't a distinction between an attraction and a crush. But now I'm still considering it.

    With all my crushes I've never been silly or giggly around the particular boy, I've just liked him from afar. Does that come across as been 'attracted' to the person, instead of having a full on crush where you are really silly around the person? I know that some girls with crushes are really giggly and silly around their crush, and that is not a good thing as you've said in your previous posts. But when you're attracted to someone it isn't the same thing as a crush. 'Attracted' usually means you admire that person or have dreams and thoughts about the person....it sounds like a crush doesn't it? But it may not be, 'cause some crushes girls have are different as I've explained. I still don't know! It's a hard one. Perhaps there are different levels of a crush, and one of those lower levels is an 'attraction'. What do you think? I hope this helps!

    Whew! lots of typing.

    Laura, :)

  2. Hey Cassie,
    this is something I have often pondered too!
    Well... here goes! :)
    I believe God made us to be attracted to men, and no, this most certainly is not wrong!
    It becomes wrong when this attaction takes over your emotions, thoughts etc... I believe that when this happens, you'd call it a crush. So in other words...
    When God is thrown to the way-side, and when Jesus no longer has 'first love place' in your life because of an attaction to a bloke... that when it progresses to a crush, and thats when your life, your passions and emotions (most certainly on the inside... but if this 'crush' goes on for long enough, the physical outside) no longer has its' sole purpose of living for Christ and bringing Him glory... but a selfish, 'me' centred life!
    Well, thats my thoughts in 2 min...
    What do you think Cassie?

  3. Hi Cassie,
    Well I have been attracted to a boy before, but I don't think I have really had a crush, going by what you're saying.
    I think that if you are attracted to someone, you admire them, enjoy them, and like to be around them.
    I think that if you have a crush on someone, you are constantly thinking and dreaming about them, they become first in your life (compared to Jesus being first), and you go all silly and giggly around them.
    I personally do not have a problem with being attracted to someone, as it is natural and God made us to do this. But having a crush at a young age (ie. 10-16?) is not as acceptable.
    I think we should all do our best to focus on living for Jesus, not for a bloke!

    Becky xoxoxo

  4. Hi all, this is from my friend Charis:

    While God did create females to be attracted to males, which is purely normal "checking out" thing that you do when you say "Oh that guy is cute"
    My point is, you still are seeking God first and not the guy. Since like I said, God did create females to be attracted to males.
    Crushes are when you have developed feels for someone who edges out God in the heart sweepstakes. So your attention is on him and not God.
    Personally, with guys, I just concentrate on being a friend, with no expectations and just waiting around to see what God brings my way, After all don't good things come to those who wait?

  5. Hi Cassie

    Sorry It took me awhile to comment.

    I believe that an attraction is a natural thing where you admire a boy and maybe you want to talk to him when you see him, or maybe think 'he'll make someone a nice husband' but not thinking of him as YOUR possible future husband.

    I think an attraction is also the starting point of a crush or even love. I don't classify an attraction as a 'sin', but I still think it should be best avoided. It is quite easy to start of being attracted to a boy and then ending up having a crush on him. I completely agree with Charis, that a crush is taking your attention of God and replacing it on thinking about a particular person.

    Girls, yes an attraction is a natural, but take care! Maybe try not to be attracted to a guy before you're old enough to be in a relationship that would lead to marriage.

    Pray and ask God to lead you in the area of boys safely. With only friendship in mind.

    Written by Lauren

  6. Yes there is definitely a difference. If are simply attracted to someone it's not a big issue and it doesn't take up all your thoughts..Yes as Lauren said, you need to be careful on how far it goes. I believe it is natural to have a crush be after becoming a Christian I actually believe it to be very wrong. Like it says in the Bible, 'Where your treasures are there your heart will be also...' So basically you are putting that person first in your mind instead of God. That person becomes SO important to you. Apart from it taking up precious time it also can affect other things like friendships...I've learnt that over a tough experience. And like you've said many times on this blog you are giving away thoughts and pieces of your heart meant only for your future husband which is probably not going to be that person!

    I think this is a great topic! Looking forward to a post from you about it!! :D


  7. sorry this is taking me so long to reply, cass! : )
    i read this post when you first published it, but i didn't really want to share anything and thought it would be a topic i'd not really think about much, but reading the above six comments have been really interesting and helped me understand a bit!
    i think i agree most with charis, lauren and bri on their views on the topic, but i'm not completely sure! it's really interesting and thanks for posting about it! it'll be interesting to see what your thoughts are on it compared to what we've shared : )

  8. I think that is it normal to like a guy (attraction), but if he is the only thing that you think about, instead of Jesus, that's when it's wrong (and maybe a crush?). And as you've said many times, you're giving away pieces of your heart that are meant for you're future husband and ONLY him. And 'just little bits' aren't OK, because they will add up!!!


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