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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My New Sympol for Purity

OK, there's a story behind this one (well, there's a story behind a lot of my stuff, but you know :P ). In Language Arts (English) I had to create new symbol for something and write an at-least-eleven-sentence piece describing it and it's meaning. And I thought, "No way do I want to do that!" I reckoned it was silly to do something so 'big' for something as simple as symbols. But Mum made me do it, because in public schools, they do make a big deal of symbols.
So here I am, being annoyed at this assignment and wondering what symbol to create and what for. Finally, Mum said, "Hey, your into purity, so create a symbol for that." I'm the type of person who can come up with something good if I can just get started, so I easily took it from there. And guess what! I actually got something that I'm quite proud of! And, I reckon it was a God-send, because now I can post it on here! How cool.

After all that, I'm sure your wondering what I actually created. So here it is:

There are numerous symbols used to depict purity throughout the world. These include a white rose, lotus flower, diamond, swan and dove. However, I believe that a sparkling, dewy web could also be grouped with these emblems.

When touched by the morning light, a silver rain-beaded spider's web gleams dazzlingly beautiful. Similarly, purity shines brighter than a diamond when graced by God's light. When lived out to its fullest, purity attracts the attention of many people. Just like a glistening web.

Spider's webs are also very delicate. In the same way, purity is easily broken if assaulted. It is something to be protected, built up and treasured. Unfortunately, too many people underestimate its beauty and worth, and tear it down.

Pretty cool, right (I can say that because God was the one who gave me a gift for words!)?

Casie xoxoxo

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful illustration Cassie!
    God has certainly given you a gift for words - thankyou for blessing us with this gift... keep using it for His glory!
    Emily Grace


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