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Monday, 30 January 2012

New house, new life

So here, finally, (sorry) are the pictures of the house:
(The words are for the picture above.)

Rumpus room/garage

Downstairs bathroom

Upstairs kid's bathroom

Upstairs kid's toilet, leading to sink area, leading to kid's bathroom

Upstairs - parents' ensuit

Upstairs - parents' bedroom

Upstairs - multi-purpose room

Downstairs - guest room, set up as Dad's office for a while

Front yard

Front entry

Downstairs - laundry... yes, a whole room! not just a cuboard!

Small hall leading to rumpus room; laundry first on left, toilet second on left; linnen cuboard to right.

Formal lounge

Library, view from kitchen doorway

View from dinning room into entry room and kitchen to right off entry.

So that is our new house. Some of you will have to visit sometime soon!

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. what a lovely new change from your old house in toowoomba! i bet you're loving it at the moment : )
    i can't wait to visit...i need to see this new house!!
    holly xo

  2. It's lovely!
    I'm so happy for your family!! God has chosen well, hasn't he!?


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