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Monday, 12 October 2015


Photo credit: Kevin D and Flickr Creative Commons

Well, today marks 4 years since I started this blog! (And a week or so back marked 6 years since I truly decided to live for God.) 

(To be honest, I feel like I'm going to repeat what I said last year. Oh well. :D)

All glory to God. Seriously, I am so crazy thankful for how far He has brought me, even just in the past year. None of this (*sweeps hand towards myself and my tiny corner of the internet*) happens without Him.

A gazillion thanks to everyone who has walked by me over the past 4 years, 6 years... and, well, my whole life. You are such an encouragement and inspiration to me. Thanks to those who have given my intellect a good workout, been a sounding-board, let me dump my feelings, struggles, and joys on you, offered advice, and/or just encouraged me to keep pursing Christ.

Well, I think I shall also do what I did last year: pick some fave posts from the year past. So here you go (in chronological order). Enjoy!

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. Awesome job, Cassie!! Happy birthday, Purely His!!! :D Looking forward to another year!


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