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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Set an Example

 {A while ago I had an idea for a post series on 1 Timothy 4:12b. So... this is the first one!}

Set an example for the believers

 I know you've probably heard this verse (1 Timothy 4:12b) many many times. In fact, it's probably one of your favourites. You probably know that the context of this verse is Paul writing to Timothy, a young* minister and urging him to (a) let nobody look down on him because of his youth* and (b) to also set an example for all the believers in various things.

 Like you, I've heard, loved and understood this verse for a while. But recently I decided to do a study on it. I grabbed a concordance, Greek dictionary, study bible and commentary on 1 Timothy. I looked up the original Greek meaning of words. I read study notes. Basically I found that 1 Timothy 4:12b means just what it says in modern English... except for one word (which you will find out about later!). In other words, when we read in our bible 'set an example for the believers,' it means 'set an example for the believers.'

 Now you may read that and think, "OK... so, ah, why on earth are you writing a post on it?" Well, although I don't have that much to say on it, I thought I would still write a short post on it for 3 reasons:

  1. Just as a starter for the rest of the series. It's setting the scene.
  2. To bring it to your attention again. It truly is a great verse! We need to be reminded of it often.
  3. To point out that there's no getting around it. This verse needs to be taken seriously! Paul means what he says. As young Christian girls, we are called to set an example, a pattern of living, a visual guide that others can follow. There's no thinking "Oh, it can't really mean that. It can't mean me. It surely isn't saying that I need to be a visual model, right?" This is our marching orders! It must be obeyed!

You sister,

Cassie xoxoxo

*Timothy was probably around 30. When Paul lived, it was very unusual for a man so young and 'inexperienced' to have such a profound responsibility as leading a church. The verse, however, still applies to us today: we are not to let others' opinions of our youth or their prejudice that 'teen are useless' discourage us from serving God. We are also to set an example for other believers, no matter how young we are.

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