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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

An awesome snippet

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My Dad recently introduced me to an awesome Christian fiction serries by Donita K. Paul. (The books are (in order) DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire and DragonLight.) Donita is an amazing author; she cleverly inserts lessons about God, love, beauty, mercy, faith, gifts etc etc into an absorbing and exciting adventure story. I become more satisfied and impressed the further I read. It's a serries that truly directs me to God.

 Anyway, I came across a few paragraphs in DragonKnight that made me want to jump and clap my hands. (Don't you love it when that happens?) I thought I'd share the snippet with you:

[Squire Bardon to young and utterly naive N'Rae] "You are a charming young thing and shall have to guard against young men who would love to steal from that beauty."

 "How could one steal from beauty?"

 "By taking what doesn't belong to them. By encroaching on your youth." He saw the bemusement on her face. 
 He shook his head and screwed up his mouth. "N'Rae, in plain words, unscrupulous men will want to filch a kiss or more from you. This would give them great physical pleasure and, for some of them, the satisfaction of a conquest as if you were no more than a hunting trophy. You would have lost something that could not be replaced. Your beauty with be less pure."

 N'rae cocked her head. "Does that mean that I can never kiss and cuddle?"

 "When you choose a man who will be your life partner, then each kiss accentuates your beauty instead of diminishing it." {Paul, Donita K. (2008). DragonKnight. Colorado Springs, CO: WaterBrook Press.}

 Isn't that great! I also love scenes that display the valour and gentlemanliness of Godly young men, the loveliness that is bestowed on Godly young women, and the presence and faithfulness of God. The books are all such an awesome read!

Cassie xoxoxo

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