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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Daily Dignity: Dress

So Cassie has been going through many ways of how we can act with dignity and really become that beautiful princess. I'm here to talk about dressing like we are daughters of the King.

 So have you ever really thought about the fact that once we accept God's amazing offer of eternal life we actually become his princess!? Well, it's true! And I think it's high time that we start acting like it's true. Dressing with dignity is a great way to send people a message that:
  1. You live for Christ.
  2. You respect your brothers in Christ (and other guys) enough to put effort into being modest.
  3. You respect yourself! And that you want to be beautiful but also not revealing.
 Dressing with dignity is such a wonderful way not only to set an example for non-Christians, but also to encouraging your sisters in Christ to do the same, and to encouraging your brothers in Christ not to sin.

 Please realise I'm not just talking modesty. Dressing with dignity means sooo much more! Hopefully, after reading some of Cassie's amazing posts, you're starting to grasp the meaning of dignity. But... if you are going to start trying to act with dignity and dress with it you have to believe that you are God's princess! And that because you are, God believes that you are worth looking beautiful! Do you totally believe that??

 Don't think about modesty as a way to completely cover up and look sloppy/unattractive. You don't have to do that! OK, maybe that is still being 'modest' but that is not what we're talking about! Dressing with dignity is actually different. It means we want to reflect the beauty of Christ through us in the way we dress. I think that is different to just 'covering up...' and hopefully sounds better! It's so much fun to take time to dress up a bit for special things and make sure you're always looking nice. We want people to think of us as, yes, different... but a good different!

 Nowadays it's becoming more and more difficult to dress with dignity, as people just want to look 'hot' rather than beautiful. Nevertheless, I think that, as Christians, we should make a change, and we can sometimes do this by the way we dress. People will look at us and go, "hey, she dresses different. I wonder why?" Here are some tips on dressing beautifully, like a lady, without revealing too much nor looking sloppy:
  1. Skirts! Skirts are so beautiful and modest! They give us a feeling of feminism and can be dressed up or down. 
  2. Scarves! OK, sometimes we see (or own) a shirt that we really like... except for the fact that it's a bit too low, or too tight. Now, I really don't want you to get into the mode of 'get away with as much as possible,' but there if there is a way we can make that shirt modest, why not go for it! Try this: wear a simple scarf over the top! But make sure that it really is modest... in all positions. (Leaning over at the waist is the most common not-modest-even-with-a-scarf position, as the scarf falls forward and off your shirt. But if you don't lean over at the waist (which is good!), that position won't be a problem!) Wearing a scarf also dresses an outfit up a bit for, say, going to church or out to dinner. It can also make your outfit look modern as well as elegant. (See the last two pictures.) (Sorry about this font, it was stuffing up.)
  3. Don't be afraid to dress up! There's two things I reckon we have to think about when we dress: modest and dignity. And it may mean that we need to put a little more effort into the way we look. So dressing up a bit for certain occasions is fine. And can make you feel really beautiful! Wearing dresses is so much fun! And also can give you that sense of feminin-ness and dignity. (The last picture is an example of this.)
  4. A little bit of make-up. Now this is something that is neither right or wrong; it's up to what YOU think (and your parents!). And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I'm just going to share mine :) I think wearing a bit of make-up for special occasions is great! I love make-up! It makes me feel dressed up and adds to my outfit... IF I don't put too much on. Too much make-up... well, yes, that becomes a problem because it generally overpowers your face and natural features, and people are drawn to look at you for not the best reason! And that is not dressing with dignity! So sometimes a bit of made-up can just be lovely to add to your outfit and make a special touch! But make sure you remember that too much causes problems and that you ARE beautiful without it! (This is now me, Cassie: I very rarely wear make-up. I believe that girls look lovely with out it! But I also agree with Bri: it's up to the individual. Some people are more drawn to make-up than others. But please, for the sake of dignity and beauty, don't put on too much! Make sure you highlight your natural beauty, not overpower it. Now, back to Bri...)
So without further or do let us begin our quest for dignity! And dignity in everything. I hope this has inspired you to dress with dignity because you are God's princess. Do you dress to be accepted into the modern world? Or do you dress for Christ? Think about it!

Your sister in Christ,

(And your sister in Christ, Cassie. Bri did nearly all of the work for this post {round of applause!}. I only edited and put is some things, including the most pictures that I'm now going let you look at!)

This is my new dress!!! Beautiful and modest (as you can see by the neckline, and also the length compared to my hand.)

Sorry, I was having a collage moment!

                       <3 this outfit!                                                                               This one's more modern and casual.

                 Winter outfits! Hurrah for turtle-necks! Very modest and dignified and pretty.

This shirt below is a close-up of the one above on the right.

This is a great winter top! Long enough so that I can just put leggings under it for warmth.
 Another skirt!

(Bri's picture below.) Skirt and scarf!

(Bri's picture below.) What a pretty dress! And a scarf!

My (Cassie's) apologies for the poor quality pictures that I took! Bri's are great!

 And this ends my Daily Dignity posts! Hope you enjoyed them and were possibly inspired.

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. Thankyou dear Bri for sharing! :) some GREAT thoughts there!

    and thankyou Cassie for these posts on dignity... they WERE truly inspiring... May God bless you richly!

    Emily xo

  2. Great blog! Fantastic post. I am so aware of how poorly many women dress. It is so important to dress in a way that is dignified but also appropriate to your body shape too.

    What I have found to work very well is to buy clothes that look good on me and that will always be in style. Solid colors vs designs and being comfortable to wear layers or mix and match.

    Thank you for sharing! The photos look fine to me. :) I like the attitude of this blog so I am now you newest follower. Blessings to you all!


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