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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Modesty in Actions... huh?

 Hey guys! I'm working on a post about modesty in actions, but I just can't seem to put my finger on what exactly it is that is wrong with our behaviour sometimes. Like, I sometimes I come home from, say, youth and think to myself, "Hm, I don't think I behaved in the best manner tonight. " Often I think I've crossed some line, but it's hard to define what and where that line is. So I'm wondering what you guys think: how does God  want us to behave modestly, what do we often do 'wrong,' and what's wrong with it? Inviting all comments...


  1. i think a thing that we girls especially tend to do immodestly is in how we dress...that's just a general one. but i know you would NEVER dress immodestly, so i've been thinking about what other immodesties there are, that you and i could do when where out...hmmm. :)

  2. hmm, a hard one Cas

    I'd say one aspect would be your inner emotions and feelings, you sacredness, so don't just blab to a random guy all of more intimate feeling and thoughts (I got this idea form the Lost Art of True Beauty, so you might want to look up that chapter).

    That's all I can really think of at the moment, if I have any more ideas, I'll comment ( :


  3. Thanks guys!
    Yeh, Lauren, that is a key part of it. I think quite a lot of girls struggle with that.
    Thanks Holly! Oh, I can think of something... but I'll wait to see if you think of it.


  4. Yea i think this is a hard line to draw...and one i've been thinking over for quite a while. i've come to a different conclusion than drawing a line as to how far to go. instead i think modesty in our actions could be putting more effort into seeking God during things like youth rather than people and guys in particula. If we are focused on God and the message more than likely they will be more inclined to do the same. i think the opposite, talking with them too much, sitting next to them etc shows them that you are there for a wrong reason and can become what i would consider being immodest in our actions...i think another thing that i would consider immodest in our actions would be some jokes. now this is probably something not many people have thought about...but i have noticed that kids these days seem to be joking about certain things as a way to do them without being serious...as in jokingly saying you are going out with someone, or playing games such as truth or dare and doing dares that are inappropriate. I think things like that are being very immodest in our actions and it's almost using the 'joke' as an excuse. flirting is immodest in our actions deffs. and i think most people know when they are doing it. and i think the part when we start to feel bad is from guilt and from the fact that we know as Christians we have pulled down a guy...apart from that i'm trying to work it out more too! can't wait to hear your thoughts cassie!!! good on you for posting about this! :D

  5. Instead of drawing a line, I think it important that we dive head first into the scriptures... I say this because 1. I believe modesty is a 'heart' thing and 2. as it is a heart thing, you can 'cross the line' in your thought life WAY before you 'cross the line' in your physical life and through your actions!!
    So, I believe that by searching the scriptures about what God says about modesty and women is the most important foundation...
    I'm having more of a think about it and will write another comment soon!!! :)

  6. I think we just need to be ourselves in situations like going youth.
    Don't try to act older than we are and watch our manners around new people. I guess it's something every person in the world has to work on, christian or non christian.Everyone struggles with it including me. We just need to read the bible more and prayer is good too.


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