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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Poem Thingies

Hi all, again! A while ago I had an inspiration for two poem thingies. I'm usually not very good at random poems or songs, so this must have been God. I'd love to share them with you. What do you think?

Lord, forgive me for the times

Were I've rebuked instead of encouraging.

Where I've hurt instead on healing.
Where I've growled instead of laughing.
Where I've complained instead of praising.
Where I've closed my eyes instead of serving

Where I've lounged instead of working.

Where I've despaired instead of praying.

Where I've judged instead of learning.

Where I've self-promoted instead of You-promoting.
Where I've made others my slave instead of slaving.
Where I've shrugged it off instead of caring.

Where I've not seen instead of delighting.
Where I've stopped instead of doing.

Lord, I am sorry; please change me.


He will notice her eyes - not because they are caked with ghoulish mascara and eye-liner and have a seductive and haughty gaze; but because they instead sparkle with life and joy, seemingly fed from a fire deep within them.

He will notice her lips - not because they are 'kissable' or pouty and painted a red so vivid it drowns out everything else in the room; but because instead of the beautiful words that leave them.

He will notice her hair - not because it is bleached blond or dyed unnatural colours,* or cut in a jagged, unruly, 'modern' style;** but because instead the life and radiance that is within her wells up, explodes out the roots and simmers along every strand.*** Her hair displays her freedom in Christ.

He will notice her face in general - not because it is plastered with flaky foundation and has either a bored and sulky or seductive and flirtatious look on it; but because instead it is radiant, free, dazzlingly joyful, gently soft and kind, full of love and true beauty that only the Master Designer and Lover can give.

He will notice her figure - not because of the super form-fitting or skimpy clothes which clad it, nor because it has been starved or somehow forced into unnatural thinness; but because instead it is modestly clothed and carried with dignity and poise; with gracefulness, and protected carefully

He will notice her - not because of her, but because of Christ.

* I'm not trying to say that it's not OK to colour or highlight hair; this example is of that crazy, sassy, I'm-making-a-rebellious-statement kind of colouring that teens these days have. It's also perfectly fine to go crazy with colouring for a special occasion, such a a party or 'Dye Your Hair for Hospice Care' day.

** Again, it's OK to have a funky hair-cut, so long as it's not the 'statement-making' cut like above.

*** This is figuratively speaking; I don't think hair can shine like that, through that way.

Cassie xoxoxo


  1. Hey Cass!

    Wow, I really like this one. Thanks for sharing. I've been trying hard to do this myself. I mean I love make-up and funky clothes, but you should be something more than that hey?!

    Btw, could you tell me what your thoughts are on getting your hair highlighted? Or bloned streaks put in?
    Also what are your thoughts on curling and straighting hair?

    A few weeks ago I did a post about curling and straighting and you commented telling me that people should just accept their hair. Now I agree with you, but I think it's fun to change your hair by curling or straighting it. I do it every now and then NOT because I don't like my hair but for fun and for a change. I love my hair but like to change it sometimes. Also, I don't think it's really that bad for your if you don't do it all the time.

    Just wanting to know!

    ~Bri {Diamonds and Pearls}

  2. I loved the way you worded this post! It was well written and very thought provoking. About make up though, I think a little is fine, and I don't think Godly Guys mind at all, but have limits on it. You should only put enough on to make it enhance your features, not overpower them. I only wear foundation because I find it camouflages my acne problem. Anyway, I 100% agreed with the rest of the post.

  3. Love your poem, Cassie!
    Truly an inspiring post : )

    ♥ ♥

  4. Hi girls, thanks for commenting!!

    Lauren, about makeup: you will see I've used strong words, such as 'ghoulish,' 'so vivid it drowns out everything else,' 'plastered' and 'flaky.' These show that the way most teens today wear makeup today (which is as shown in the words)is NOT OK. Yes, makeup is OK in small amounts if you really want to wear it. (I find it very silly. Although, why you wear foundation I find fine.)

    Bri, about hair: Well I think that it's OK to get highlights, as it ENHANCES your hair. Streaks; well, if you mean blond highlights, that's fine, but if you mean the more conspicuous, full-on colouring, it's probably not so good. Again, though, colouring for something special, like stated in the post, is perfectly fine.
    Curling and straitening; For straities, curling is fine for a special occasion or ever-now-and-again. For curly girls, BEWARE! Straightening WILL hurt your hair VERY badly. It may be OK if you only do it VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY occasionally, as long as you treat it well all the time otherwise. A change for a special occasion (for example, Mum straightened her curly hair for a relative's wedding) is fine.

    Thanks again, friends!

    Cassie xoxoxo


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